Building Community Power CO-OPperatively: A Renewable Energy Summit

Friday, 27 April 2012

FIT and MicroFIT Workshops

We held the FIT and Micro FIT Basics workshop in Hamilton (April 23rd) and Halton (April 24th) and we were quite surprised by some of the new recommendations. For example, the portion that says that members of a co-op must be property owners.
Community Projects
• Small FIT - need 35 Members who are Property Owner
in Community
• Large FIT - need 50 Members who are Property Owner
in Community
Property Owner defined as:
“a natural person that, as of the date two years prior to the
date of an Application, and at the date of such Application
still is, the registered owner of real property in a Municipality
in which a Project described in such Application is (in whole
or in part) located.”

Leasing and Renting seem to be Excluded!

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