Building Community Power CO-OPperatively: A Renewable Energy Summit

Monday, 17 October 2011

Community Power Fund

Welcome to the Community Power Fund
The Community Power Fund (CP Fund) was established in 2007 to support project development activities of Ontario-based community organizations pursuing local renewable energy projects, through the provision of a number of financing instruments to support community power, including grants, loans and investment equity.

These instruments include the Community Power Fund grant program, the Community Energy Partnerships Program, and Community Power Capital. For more information, please visit the CP Financing page.

Corporate Structure
The Fund is incorporated as a non-profit, co-operative corporation. The Community Power Fund is governed by a 10 member Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for hiring and managing the CPF Executive Director, selecting the Technical Evaluation Committee members, and making the final approval decisions on the applications received.

The Fund was founded by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and three of its founding and current Directors are Directors of OSEA. Each of the Fund Directors has a three-year term. Directors wishing to continue beyond that term must be approved by the Board.

Community Power Fund

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