Building Community Power CO-OPperatively: A Renewable Energy Summit

Thursday, 29 September 2011

"Investing in Renewable Energy is Kick-ass."

Hamilton region's first HHEAT 'Building Community Power Co-operatively' took place yesterday, September 28th. Jeff Harti gave an excellent presentation that included an overview of energy generation in Ontario today and into the future, the different types of renewable energy that the Ontario government is focused on through the Green Economy Green Energy Act (and the Feed in Tariff). Many good questions arose and going through the completed surveys of the evenings presentation that we collected after the event the following concerns.thoughts/ideas were included: Requests to learn more about co-ops, with actual real life examples of renewable energy co-ops- such as the Solar Share Mississauga (Water View) example. Some of the main reasons that people were interested in becoming part of a local co-op were expressed as follows: Wanting to see a reduction in "CO2 emissions." Concern for a stable future energy source, home not being suited for the FIT but wanting to benefit from investing in solar, democratic, proactive, clean, local resilience, "spirit of community,ownership and opportunity to profit as a community," ethical, fair, just, local were all terms that were used. As one attendee put it, "Renewable energy is kick-ass. Investing in renewable energy is kick-ass." I think that says it all!

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  1. Sounds like this event was a great success! Good work Jeff and Beatrice!